Terms and Conditions

GSD Electrical Ltd terms and conditions

  1. Definitions
  2. Quotations
  3. Deposit
  4. Customer information
  5. Cancellations and missed appointments
  6. Standards of work/site safety
  7. Social media
  8. Payments
  9. Late payments
  10. Faulty products/warranty
  11. Complaints and feedback


  1. Definitions
  • ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refer to GSD Electrical Ltd and the services we are offering you.
  • ‘you’ and ‘your’ refer to customer we are providing services too.
  • ‘Customers equipment’ and ‘customers material’ refer to items belonging to the customer.


  1. Quotations
  • All our quoted works are valid for 30 days including the date written on the quotation. Any extension on this will be decided by us. If required, the works will then be requoted, and a new 30 days will begin.
  • We require written confirmation via email, text message or WhatsApp (or carrier pigeon). Any nonverbal discussions will need additional written confirmation.
  • Any items discussed with you but omitted from the quote is the customers responsibility to check before accepting. We will only complete the quotation with written confirmation.
  • Any item within the quotation with options require written confirmation of the choice.
  • Any additional work requested once the quotation has been accepted will require written conformation of the cost. This may affect the deposit amount already agreed.
  • If at any time a quotation is accepted but work doesn’t start within 30 days including the date on the quote, the works will then be classed as an estimate and are subject to estimate description.
  • Quotations described as quoted works are fixed price for the fixed work detailed. Estimates are subject to price changes due to unforeseen circumstances. We will only give estimates if we are unable to fix a fixed price. This will be noted next to the price on the estimate/quote.


  1. Deposit
  • Deposit percentage listed below will be stated at the bottom of the quotation regarding the amount.
  • Any deposit required will be due 7 days before work is due to commence.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any works if deposit is not paid in the given time frame.
  • Deposits will be required on:

£0-£2999 – 0% required.

£3000-£5999 – 20% required.

£6000 and above – 30% required.


  1. Customer information
  • We will keep your information on file for future contact. This is for GSD Electrical Ltd and will not be shared to any third party unless requested by yourself.


  1. Cancellations and missed appointments
  • We require 48 hours written notice to cancel works before works were due to start. Any work cancelled within this time frame will be charged 20% of the quoted works up to £250+vat.
  • If at any time we arrive to you at the appointed time agreed by us and are unable to gain access, you may be charged the full amount, this is under our discretion.
  • if work is cancelled after start date and before completion, you may be charged the full amount, this is under our discretion.
  • If work is cancelled along with a complaint (listed below), the invoice will be withheld until the complaint has been dealt with.
  • The persons the quote is addressed too is the responsible party for additional fees. These may be passed on to landlords and tenants.


  1. Site safety
  • You will observe and comply with the latest Health and Safety at Work Legislation and ensure that the site is safe and without risk to the health and safety of all persons working there
  • If at any point we feel the site is unsafe/not fit for our presence, we have the right to remove ourselves and charge the full amount.


  1. Social media
  • We will take pictures of work completed excluding any private details regarding yourself including family photos and addresses. These pictures may be posted on our website and social media. You have the right to opt out of this in writing before the works are completed.


  1. Payment
  • Once the works have been completed, we will issue the invoice to yourselves via email stating the terms of payment.
  • The invoice will come from a separate email address ‘xero’
  • We only accept bank transfer, BACS, card payments in person and cash in pounds.


  1. Late payments
  • If we have no received payment by the date shown on the invoice, we will charge a late payment fee.
  • As per ‘UK Late Payment Law Legislation’, after the payment terms we will charge the Bank of England base rate and an additional 1.5% annually accrued daily for domestic customers and 8% for business/commercial customers.


  1. Faulty products/warranty
  • Upon completion, we warranty all our work up to 1 year on faulty parts and 2 years warranty on labour mistakes.


  1. Complaints and feedback
  • We will ask for feedback after work is completed to display on our website and social media. This is optional but any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  • if you have any issues with our standard or quality of work, we ask you bring it up to the electrician on site to hopefully resolve quickly.
  • We also ask for understanding if there has been some miscommunication between any parties.
  • If the issue cannot be resolved, or you wish to take it further, we require a completed complaints form given to you upon request. We also ask you take pictures to document the issues raised.